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Call of Duty: Modern Pacifist

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I Used to be a Soldier Like You

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Every COD Match Ever

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Michael B. Jordan, Cara Delevingne, and Marshawn Lynch are the Latest Celebs to Feature in Call of Duty's Celebrity Trailers

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Better Get That Wedding DLC, Cause I'm About to Marry You

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Does Anyone Do This?

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Hey Activision, Want to Stop Call of Duty From Sucking So Much Ass?


Dang! That Drinking Bird Banged My Mom!

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The Double Standard in Video Games

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Even the New Kids Hate COD

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Good Guy Black Ops III

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All Video Games Ever Logic

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Guy Sings 'Fix You' by Coldplay During a Call of Duty: Black Ops Match Without Realizing His Mic is On

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Any of You Guys Want to Buy a Couch?

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Self-Induced Blindness