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borderlands Music Video Video Game Coverage - 65355521

Enjoy the Sweet, Sweet Sounds of Borderlands as a Pogo Song

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How Did They Know?

borderlands destiny loot cave - 8345352192
By Dogishappy

I Went to the Moon and All I Got Was This Legendary Engram That Turned Into a Rare...

diablo 3 borderlands destiny gaming sad but true web comics - 8321199104
Via cad-comic

Good Guy Dr. Zed

borderlands - 7753278976
By crocodilefan

Any Time You See a Ledge in a Video Game

borderlands video games - 7256502272
Via Kuina

Borderlands Problem

guns borderlands Memes why-cant-i - 6923782400
By Unknown

Lilith's Epic Staredown

epic borderlands - 6788231424
By Tellis_Argonis

Piracy in Borderlands

borderlands piracy vehicles - 6610637056
By Unknown

Borderlands Logic

borderlands video game logic - 6552382208
By Unknown

Play Some 16-Bit Border Lands

awesome borderlands - 6534429440
Via Borderlands

Bad Luck Vault Hunters

bad luck best of week borderlands ending meme - 6284131840
By Unknown
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