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Guy Builds Such An Accurate Borderlands-Themed PC, It Doesn't Even Look Real

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Borderland 2's Maya the Siren Cosplay Touts an Impeccable Attention to Detail

Via Atreides27
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Band Together In Battleborn With Fellow Intergalactic Heroes, Or Perish Alone

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Borderlands 2 Maya Cosplay With a GLOWING Siren Tattoo

cosplay borderlands 2 - 8574972928
By Mangoloo (Via LMcosplays)

Welcome to Pandora


Borderlands 2 Makes Me Feel Like a Terrible Gamer

borderlands 2 gamers turrets - 7980528128
By Unknown
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Jakobs? Nah. Hyperion? No Way!

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This Borderlands 2 Bandit SMG Made Out of LEGO is a Thing of Beauty

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Close Enough...

borderlands 2 - 8492428032
By Etrius Lloyd

I'd Tip Her $10,000

borderlands borderlands 2 cosplay video games - 6675215360
Via Jessica Nigri

The Wordplay in Borderlands 2 Often Goes Unappreciated


Let's Make This Happen

Nerf borderlands 2 - 8138846208
By jmore5099

Steam Sales Are the Best!

borderlands 2 steam steam sale - 7983006464
By Unknown

What the Hell, Steam ?

steam borderlands 2 - 7838032640
By LaurusFox

Vault Hunter Shows Up, Vault Hunter Get Killed

handsome jack Memes that'd be great borderlands 2 - 7762129408
By QuickHofe25

Look at All These Guns!

IRL borderlands 2 - 7736917760
By Unknown
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