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blue shell

When the Stress Collides With the Rage

Via thenintendodistrict

Not This Time, Blue Shell

ice cube blue shell Mario Kart mario kart 8 it was a good day - 8500433152
By sness107 (Via sness107)
blue shell mario kart 8 blue shells Video - 70512385

Trapping Racers With a Blue Shell Trap Just Isn't Fair

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This Haiku is Just Too Real

rage blue shell Mario Kart - 8398628864
Via The Real World

Blue Prophecy

blue shell religion the bible Mario Kart spiny shell - 8453526016
Via My Extra Life
blue shell Mario Kart Video - 63997185

The Blue Shell Might Actually be the Best Mario Kart Item

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Skyward Sword blue shell mario kart 8 DLC luigi Video - 63933697

Link's Shortest Adventure Ever

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To My Mario Kart Comrades

blue shell Mario Kart mario kart 8 - 8224755712
Via Honest_Joseph

Nobody is Safe

blue shell gifs mario kart 8 - 8214262528
By ThJake (Via Wooden Plank Studios)

More Like Seventh Place...

blue shell Mario Kart web comics - 8188552448
Via 2pstart

Where is Your God Now!?!?!?

blue shell super smash bros Mario Kart - 8140907520
Via challengerapproaching

I'm Almost at the Finish!

blue shell trolling Mario Kart - 6687381760
By Unknown

Who's the Real Man Here

blue shell mario nintendo star - 6545859328
By DannyTedermeyer

Blue Shell Neeson

blue shell liam neeson Mario Kart meme taken - 6504023040
By cyberlyons

Wow... You're Terrible...

bad luck brian blue shell Mario Kart meme - 6217502464
By Ploopy11

Oh, God...

blue shell driving Mario Kart meme - 6176590080
By Unknown
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