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Annoying PC

apple best of week comic mac PC - 6386455040
Created by funnyking1025

An Even Better Love Story

art best of week better love story than tw better love story than twilight love nintendo video games zelda - 6388051200
Created by Jordanflash

Only Admiral Gerrel Would Say Otherwise

best of week cute legion mass effect Sad video games - 6379949568
Created by SociallyObscurePenguin

Better Love Story Than Twilight

best of week cute zelda - 6376418816
Created by Basmaster9

Just Turn Around

best of week gameplay gifs nope resident evil 4 video games - 6372703232
Created by Unknown

Gaming Heaven

best of week IRL - 6372584448
Created by Unknown

It's Fun Until You're Swarmed

best of week cuccos link meme They Said zelda - 6367017728
Created by jike92

Prepare to Die

best of week dark souls drinking drinking game impossible prepare to die the internets - 6368440320
Created by AlphaKilo

Time to D-D-D-D-D-Duel

best of week konami please the internets Why Not Yu Gi Oh - 6369204480
Created by Unknown

Then She Takes the Controller

best of week gamer girls girlfriends the internets video games xbox - 6369549312
Created by Unknown

Can I Get One Day of Peace and Quiet

best of week link NPCs Pokémon rage comic video games zelda - 6359996928
Created by Unknown


best of week IRL notch twitter - 6349213440
Created by Unknown

MEDIC! I Mean Honey...

best of week couples girl gamers girls the internets video games - 6324868096
Created by Unknown

Weapon of Choice

best of week bows e3 The Avengers the feels video games - 6311170048
Created by Unknown

Nerds These Days

annoying best of week e3 facebook IRL nerds - 6310775040
Created by Unknown

Screw This Twilight Crap

best of week bethesda dawnguard DLC twilight vampires - 6293064704
Created by Taterdude