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Dad asks God for forgiveness after making mistake in grand theft auto | r/tifu Posted by u/TheBlackBradPitt 3 hours ago TIFU by making my Dad punch stripper GTA and tearfully ask God forgiveness front my entire family. M encouraged post this here comment made elsewhere, even though didn't happen today, or even this decade, so mods please remove if goes against rules s very funny story though young, my brothers and snuck copy San Andreas into house spent days holed up our basement taking turns

Religious Dad Asks for Forgiveness After Punching Virtual Stripper

It's like real-life Ned Flanders.
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Pokémon art awesome Fan Art video games win - 1238789

This Artist Brought Our Favorite Pokémon Starters to Life, and It's Easily the Most Incredible Thing I've Seen This Year

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awesome costume Japan halloween video games win parenting - 1075205

Call off Halloween in Japan, Cause This Famicom Costume Already Won

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nitendo switch skins

These 16 Custom Nintendo Switch Skins Are Gorgeous and Need to Be a Thing

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The Stranger Things 8-Bit Mock-Up Is Every Fan's Dream Come True

Via WhenShitHitsTheFam
90's Video Games

This Flood of 90's Era Video Game Print Ads Is a Welcomed Wave of Nostalgia

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tokyo enix cafe

Take A Look Inside Tokyo's Awesome New Square Enix-Themed Cafe

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crossover Pokémon final fantasy legend of zelda awesome Fan Art pikachu - 950277

20 of Our Favorite Pokémon Crossovers

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pokemon as people

An Artist Drew Pokémon as People and These Definitely Need Their Own Manga Series

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Pokémon awesome Fan Art pokemon sun and moon video games win - 920581

This Artist's Awesome Pokémon Fusions Deserve a Game of Their Own

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bethesda Video Game Coverage fallout 4 awesome bob ross video games - 82276609

Guy Creates a Fallout 4 Bob Ross Episode, and It Exceeds Our Wildest Expectations

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pikacuh small adaptable rodent like pokemon notable for their electrical abilities pikachu are covered in bright yellow fur with brown accents on the tips of their antennae their tail is used for balance when standing upright and can signal the creature's mood they are omnivorous but with small mouths blunted teeth and clumsy paws pikachu can only eat meat opportunistically

The PokéNatomy Art Series Provides a Fascinating Look at How Some of Our Favorite Pokémon Function Internally

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The Sun Rose

Via Kamina-000


art awesome video games - 8964660736
Created by tamaleknight

Novigrad The Free City

Via Vitalyaya
trolling awesome dark souls video games video game logic dark souls 3 win - 80825345

Clever Guy Playing Dark Souls 3 Hides in Plain Sight from an Invader Better than a Bat in a Cave

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