The Internet Has Coined Dartrix the Edgy Emo Boy of the Pokémon World

The new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon revealed the evolved forms of the starter Pokémon, and naturally people had a lot to say about it. Of all the reactions to surface so far, our favorite goes out to the people that can't get over how Dartrix is caught up with brushing that long hair out of its face.

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The Anime Studio Shanghai Zheinlei put together an awesome League of Legends anime short, which features some of the more recognizable champions like Tryndamere, Dr. Mundo, Leona, and more. Maybe Riot will be inspired enough to create their own anime series now...

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Not really sure what we just watched, but at a certain point, does it really matter? Granted, if you asked me whether I expected the trailer to open on a shot of Norman Reedus waking up naked, encircled by dead fish, I'd have said 'oh f**k no.' But hey, here we are. Kojima definitely delivered on the shock value.

Now it's a matter of figuring out exactly where the direction of this game is least the reactions that are rolling in in waves right now are all highly entertaining.





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Take note, the following game we're about to cover errs on the side of NSFW. Knowing that, proceed or don't, as you will.

NIS America previously announced that the erotic dungeon crawler, Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors would make its debut this September on Vita. The announcement however, came with a bit of a big catch, and that centered on the company's decision to make a series of modifications to make the game more 'appropriate.' Preceding the game's release, the company released the following statement via their blog:

“I want to give you some insight into our process and exactly what’s changing so you can make an informed decision,” said NIS America senior product marketing manager Jordan Vincent.“ [...] Although some players might not be happy about the changes, we expect many will still appreciate the product for what it is and localizing it allows them the chance to enjoy the game’s unique story, gameplay, and characters without needing to speak Japanese or deal with the pains of importing.”

Even considered conceptually, the game's bound to make some folks uncomfortable. You're basically a guy sent down to hell to 'motivate' a bunch of bad girls to be 'rehabilitated' so that they're primed for battle. You accomplish your goals via sexual minigames, like spanking them or brushing soap off their bodies.

Via: NinNinGame

NIS America was forced to change a few elements of the game when they brought it over. 

“Some of you might be asking, ‘Why change anything in the first place?’” said Vincent. “The answer to that question is pretty complicated overall, but here’s the short version: While we do our best to make all our fans happy, we also need to make sure that our games can be released on the platform they’re made for, and released in the various territories in which we sell them.”

First, some of the artwork, especially that during the 'motivation' scenes was altered to be less explicit, like such:

Second change from the original Japanese version, was swapping the in-game term 'punishment' for 'motivation.'

Third, there won't be any English voiceovers. Keeping it strictly English text, and Japanese voiceovers.

Lastly, all dialogue's been eliminated from the 'motivation' scenes.

So, what do you guys think of all this, and will it go on to bring about changes to the world of video game censorship?

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Psycho-Pass takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future where a scan can discern a person's mental state. The information gleaned from this scan is known as the 'Psycho-Pass.'

The 'Psycho-Pass' is then studied to determine each person's 'criminal coefficient', which is a number that ultimately determine's each person's likelihood for committing criminal acts. 

Below 100% you're chill, but above, and you're kind of in f**k-city, thereby labeled as a 'latent criminal' and imprisoned until your criminal coefficient drops below 100%. Ouch. Oh, btw, if your criminal coefficient clocks in at 200% or above, you're low-key killed on the spot.

Largely thanks to this hardcore system, crime's at an all time low, but the Inspectors all out there trying to catch the bad guys by thinking like 'em have to be kept in check--hence the introduction of paroled latent criminals as the Inspectors' partners in the dogged pursuit to put an end to crime.

Taking place in the first quarter of the first season of the anime, Mandatory Happiness is a study of sorts on a well-developed villain Alpha (master hacker) who just wants to spread love 'n happiness by riskily finding people on the breaking point of becoming latent criminals, and granting them their innermost desires in poorly planned attempts to crush their chances at getting locked up.

Not surprisingly, granting people that are all on the edge of well, committing acts of potentially devastating irrationality has some negative implications. Alpha, genuinely confused and distraught over his series of failures, sets out on a maddened hunt through the vast digital catalogs of human knowledge to hone in on what makes humans happy.

This in turn serves as the major theme of the game, in which you play as either Inspector Nadeshiko Kugatachi (absurdly-logical woman with a crippling case of amnesia); or Enforcer Takuma Tsurugi, a ferociously emotional lovesick man desperately searching for his long lost lover.

The game features four chapters guided by a series' of sometimes psychologically troubling decisions that all fall together to effect your character's 'criminal coefficient.' 

Considered in full, Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is sure to resonate well with fans of the original Psycho-Pass narrative, and please newly converted followers with a killer story that puts a number on your mind, led by an impressively painted villain, Alpha.

The game's set to be released on Playstation 4 and Vita on September 13th 2016, in the US and on September 16, 2016 in Europe. Check out an announcement trailer for the game from back in the day below!