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Idea Channel Wants to Know If Animal Crossing Promotes Otaku Citizenship

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He's Just Waiting for His Friend to Show Up

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Double Rainbow..... What does it mean?!?!

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Created by lyrai09

Kinda Sad That This Isn't an Option in Animal Crossing

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Butterflies Must Be Heavy

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Created by ryly97

Well.. okay!

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Created by JKLogc

Re-Tail Makes Some Bad Business Decisions

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Please Help Me Understand Animal Crossing

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Created by Unknown
my body is ready 3DS animal crossing reggie fils-aime nintendo - 51582209

His body and his house are ready!

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Isabelle, Why Can't We Just Dig Up The Rock?

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Created by Megamean09

Someone Streetpassed Reggie at E3 and This is What His Animal Crossing Room Looked Like

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My New Favorite Character from Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Don't Even Try Bringing Xbone Here

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Logic

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Oh Snap, Nintendo Already Won

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Animal Crossing: How the Stalk Market Really Works

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