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They're Amazing At It

guns call of duty amazing first-person shooters - 6726533120
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halloween IRL amazing pumpkin carving Skyrim - 6723537920
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Ratchet and Clank is One of My Favorite Series

ratchet and clank nostalgia amazing weapons - 6717212928
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lol amazing Video - 43696641

And the Most Realistic Physics in a Video Game Ever Award Goes To...

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Would You Kindly Play Bioshock?

amazing best of week bioshock growing up parents the internets would you kindly - 6488806400
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Starry Night at the Arcade

amazing arcade art pac man - 6488696064
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Why New Vegas is Awesome

amazing awesome fallout IRL new vegas video games - 6403084800
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Valve is Best Company

amazing cinematics source filmmaker the internets valve - 6378939392
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Take it to the Next Level

amazing chat miyamoto nintendo reggie fils-aime - 6300556288
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amazing best of week majoras mask shut up and take my money Video zelda - 38552065

Fans Have Met a Terrible Fate

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amazing e3 nintendo Video - 38478593

The Regginator

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Shut Up and Install This!

amazing IRL please shut up and take my money toilets - 6261208576
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Even Games Hate Twilight

amazing books gameplay meme persona 4 twilight vampires - 6111144448
amazing mind blown Music Video video games - 36888833

Video Game Rock Medley

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amazing speech Team Fortress 2 Video - 36876033

I'm Playing Medic From Now On

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amazing Ganondorf link musical triforce Video zelda - 36828161

Zelda: The Musical

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