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If You Do This, You Might Be an OCD Gamer

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Yeah, I Don't Think It'll Be That Way, Buddy...

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By tamaleknight

When Passions Collide

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An Amazing Fan Made Music Video About the Sad Fate of So Many Robots

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Passing Time With Portals

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By tamaleknight

The is a Cake Lie

the cake is a lie cakes Portal - 8374664960
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the cake is a lie Portal Video - 64834817

This Portal Gun Duel is Bloody Brilliant

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Everything is Better When You Think With Portals

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Music Game of Thrones turrets Portal Video - 62184961

In the Game of Turrets, You Either Escape the Facility or Get Shot at Harmlessly

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Stand Back, I'm Gonna Try SCIENCE

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Has Science Gone Too Far?

science Portal titanfall - 8159843072
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"Still Alive" From Portal Gets Rocked Up

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A Valve Rivalry

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Happy Christmas From the Cores of Portal

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Now You're Drinking With Portals!

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By BloodyThumbsDown