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Banana Gun? No Problem!

guns IRL bananas - 8138236928
By artbargra

Video Games and Real Life Don't Mix Well

IRL Grand Theft Auto video games - 8131451904
Via Lets Go Gamers

This is a Sin

sephiroth final fantasy IRL - 8119091712
By spallboy
IRL videos - 59469825

The Rules of Rust Also Apply IRL

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The Dark Brotherhood Knows You Didn't Wash Your Hands

IRL signs dark brotherhood - 8106536960
Via rpgfanatics

Cool Guys Don't Look Back at Explosions

IRL cars Grand Theft Auto - 8105538560
By Unknown

Real Life Polly

IRL phoenix wright - 8090329600
By Jen

IRL Sonic

gifs IRL sonic - 8090593280
By Unknown

Expectation Vs. Reality

expectation vs. reality IRL Close Enough minecraft Nailed It - 8090880000
By Unknown

Please Don't Let This Irony Escape You

angry birds IRL - 8083773440
By Unknown

All Hail the Master Burrito

IRL signs zelda - 8078288640
By Unknown

Pac-Man and His Love for Valentine's Day

IRL pac man Valentines day - 8056077312
Via azrad

Nintendo's New Franchise - Super Marino Bros.

IRL - 8058240000
By ausretrogamer

Octodad's Secret is Safe

cosplay tumblr IRL - 8055918336
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Super Splash Mario Bros.

IRL mario water - 8051905024
By ausretrogamer

Gotta Go Fast

cars IRL sonic - 8053922560
By Unknown