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Funny dank memes from Grand Theft Auto entitled, "You're a Genius, You Moron" | teacher asks question dumb kid and he actually gives right answer: Teacher genius moron

Trending GTA V Meme Is An Oxymoron At Its Finest

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This is Not the Club Penguin I Remember

Grand Theft Auto - 8999823360
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titanic Video Game Coverage mods grand theft auto v Grand Theft Auto video games - 84531457

Grand Theft Auto V Gets Most Massive Mod to Date--The Titanic

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Oh No Don't Fine Me Bro

Grand Theft Auto - 8996516096
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Ballin' On A Budget

Grand Theft Auto - 8996120832
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gaming nostalgia

Nostalgia Bomb Part 1: What Games Invoke the Best Memories For You?

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Harry Potter Grand Theft Auto - 160006

Grand Theft Potter

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Every Damn Time

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Video Game Coverage Grand Theft Auto video games - 83435009

Fans Remastered GTA: Vice City In Honor of the Game's 14th Anniversary

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Well, F**k You Too, Dude...

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funny video games grand theft auto v Grand Theft Auto Video Video Game Coverage - 83235841

Watch This Dude Playing GTA V Manage to Sink a Yacht With 100 Bodies, Cause Reasons

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GTA IV Cop Logic Be Like

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grand theft auto v Grand Theft Auto video games video game logic - 83009537

Watch This GTA V Replica 747 Jet Take On 100 Civilians, Cause Why Not

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Ah, the Sweet Ol Vice City Problem

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Video Game Coverage Grand Theft Auto video games - 82959361

Insane Video Imagines What It'd Be Like If You Woke Up Inside of Grand Theft Auto V

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Look, Ma, No Hands

glitch FAIL Grand Theft Auto video games funny - 8982185216
By tamaleknight
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