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Call of Duty Logic

call of duty FPS activision video game logic - 6939404800
Created by KC130txk ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

I Can See Everything That Makes Me Rage So Clearly

FPS first person Memes sudden clarity clarence - 6875258368
Created by Unknown

Team Fortress 2: Water Gun Co-op Mode

FPS troll idiot - 6742171136
Created by HSRandmehateCOD

Have You Ever Thought About That?

FPS IRL enemies - 6715734016
Created by jtcaseley1

FPS Even

call of duty FPS meme - 6550533888
Created by Unknown

Making the Hard Choices

choices FPS gameplay kill - 6499885824
Created by masterfeja

EA's Answer to COD

Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 FPS meme - 6433785600
Created by spawnsolo

Why I Never Use Flashbangs

FPS over time Sad the feels - 6411249152
Created by Unknown

Just Wait for Premium Platinum

Battlefield 3 FPS the feels - 6410197760
FPS Video - 39471105

I'm Playing What Again?

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Cheap Tactics

bears FPS spawns the internets - 6403065344
Created by Unknown

Counter Strike Source Logic

counter strike FPS gun logic PC - 6369170944
Created by Unknown

That M60 is OP

battlefield call of duty Chart FPS the internets - 6359871232
Created by Unknown

M is Supposed to Be for Mature

FPS ratings the feels - 6319589888
Created by tehjakesor

Vidya Game Ladders

FPS ladders physics the internets video games - 6264451840
Created by Unknown

Simply Call of Duty

call of duty FPS hardcore Hardcore Gamerz shooters weapons - 6181686784
Created by Unknown