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Girlfriend gets fed up with boyfriend's incessant gaming | AITA telling my BF if he doesnt go work, hes no longer using ANYTHING mine (including my car AND wifi Not hole 28f/29m been together like 4 years think love this guy death but say he is lazy is seriously huge fucking understatement and doesnt even shed an ounce light on actual problem. Hes also gaming junkie-like worst their kind example game is being released, he waits up until midnight purchase game (no matter expensive) and will binge

Girlfriend Gets Fed Up With Boyfriend's Gaming, Cuts Him Off

Homeboy's gotta get a job.
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A funny story about about Ultima Online | officialgarrusvakarian greyyourwarden shock if fallout 76 really is world where "every character is real person there's no NPCS im making my civic duty be like this lowly tavern barkeep and then once established enough rapport going nuke all west virginia and will be character

Ultima Online Player Takes Epic Revenge

Well done, sir.
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gaming stream fail streamer misses basic game functions

Streamer Invests 95 Hours In Game, Then Discovers Tutorial Level

Oh, so that's how you side hop in this game.
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A collection of high potential video games that ended up failing completely | DesertRobot111 11h 1 Award Yall remember Brink Reply 1 5.3k 3

High Potential Video Games That Failed Completely

Some games can't keep up with the hype.
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FAIL video games Video - 84685313

Watching This Grandpa Come to Terms with His Favorite MMO Being Shut Down After 17 Years Is a Direct Shot to the Feels

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sex FAIL Mortal Kombat video games funny dating - 1323781

Dude Leaves Mortal Kombat-Themed Sex Advice to Neighbors That Keep Bothering Him With Loud Sex

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fails of sims and virtual worlds

28 Times the Sims Was Messed up and Twisted in the Best Kind of Way

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FAIL texting video games dating - 1249285

Guy Chooses Destiny Video Game Over Hanging out with Girlfriend, and Dodges the 'Crazy Bullet' in the Process

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humor FAIL video games funny - 1236997

30 Times People Outdid Themselves With the Crude Humor on Club Penguin

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Dude Gets Busted For Stealing From Employer and Spending $1 Million Dollars on Terrible 'Online Video Game'

Via Game of War: Fire Age
twitter FAIL Video Game Coverage reactions video games nintendo - 1134341

Nintendo is Feeling the Heat From Twitter Right Now After Failing to Meet Demand for NES Classic Edition

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FAIL mom video games virtual reality Video Game Coverage - 83276545

This Video Is Proof That Teaching Your Mom How to Use VR Is the Perfect Way to Pass the Time

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Stop Pretending Your Games Look Great

e3 FAIL lies the internets - 6299848448
Created by Unknown

Look, Ma, No Hands

glitch FAIL Grand Theft Auto video games funny - 8982185216
Created by tamaleknight
FAIL Video Game Coverage glitches video games - 82904577

Some Dude Did a Supercut for All the Awkwardly Inappropriate FIFA 17 Glitches, and We're Dying

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But Like Actually What the Hell Is This?

Via PrinceNahkalaktaOfNigeria
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