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An Updated Evolution of Nintendo

E32013 evolution nintendo - 7561364736
Created by sergiomonty
E32013 PlayStation 4 octodad videos indie games - 51215873

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Heading to PS4

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Ice Climbers All Over Again

E32013 villager super smash bros Memes animal crossing - 7561125888
Created by AztecJesus

Please Nintendo, Make Another Game Like Donkey Kong 64

E32013 donkey kong nintendo - 7561690880
Created by Unknown

How Everyone Was Feeling During Sony's Press Conference

E32013 PlayStation 4 Harry Potter Sony kingdom hearts III - 7561663488
Via Reddit

Sony Says DRM Will Be Up to Third Party Publishers, Just Like Xbox One

E32013 PlayStation 4 Sony - 7561643264
Created by Unknown

Why You Should Be Excited for Kingdom Hearts 3

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Via Gajjdcl

What Happened to the Whole Concept?

E32013 final fantasy final fantasy xV - 7560338176
Created by Lightning013

Sony Destroys the Competition

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Created by Unknown
E32013 SpongeBob SquarePants xbox one - 51198721


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Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV Will Also Be on Xbox One

E32013 square enix kingdom hearts III xbox one - 7561452800
Via Kotaku
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Killer is Dead Gameplay Trailer

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"Almost" Always-On Xbox One

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Created by TJBartlemus

Goodbye, Sweet Master Chief

E32013 master chief halo xbox one - 7560968192
Via lolmycat

I'm a Firestarter!

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Created by CaptainCanada

Dangerously Similar…

E32013 PlayStation 4 assassins creed - 7559689216
Created by sindos