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You Blew Up Your Office?

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Laziness Is the Best Policy

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You Are Failing the Universe

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Sometimes You Just Need a Nap

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Funny meme about dogs, animals, siblings, girlfriends, dating, raccoons, birds, cats, money, work, cooking.

35 Hilarious Memes To Help You Over The Hump

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Why Bother Showing Up?

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It's a New Day Exactly Like the Old One

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Let's Take a Few Steps Back

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Just Leave the Little Guy Alone...

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Employee changes passwords and then goes on vacation story | Posted by u Morgoth 9 hours ago 2 3 2 35 3 Force take my vacation time dont want and tell secure my station by freshening up my passwords before go? Okay boss. oc s start with, my boss had his moments. Sometimes he dick who would push off on my raises or screw with my system, sometimes he would hook up and make my life pleasant. This not one latter.

Jerk Boss Bumps Vacation, Employee Changes Passwords and Leaves

"If that's what you want me to do boss, okay."
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The Only Reason I Keep My Job

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Make Sure Those Below You Stay There

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Feel Inspired

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