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They're Everywhere

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27 Unfortunate Times Life Made Things Complicated

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funny technically accurate jokes and memes

25 Not Completely Incorrect, Technically Accurate Moments

Reality depends on how you look at it.
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facepalm moments that would make the strongest person cringe

19 Head Shakingly Ridiculous Moments of Pure Facepalm

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funny scientific diagrams with no context that look ridiculous

Scientific Diagrams That Look Unintentionally Hilarious

Context is a harsh mistress.
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funny, clever and dumb puns | bro gonna get so lit lphane PEPPERMINT ANTACID TABLETS chewable two ants with antacids

Puns for the Mined, Bawdy and Sole

There's a time and a place for puns.
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You Really Are Something

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funny jokes from twitter and tumblr | Dee @figgled 's kinda fucked musicians eat sandwiches by placing them inside trombones and honking them into each other's mouths 18/4/17, 12:32 pm skirtsuit-angel this is an example defamiliarization, where something totally normal, conventional, and ordinary like honkwiching is taken and described as something sounds weird and foreign Source: memewhoreMehGyver @AndrewNadeau0 | After leaving Willy Wonka's factory WIFE WIFE WIFE: Lot deaths LOT deaths tour!

Funny Tumblr Moments and Sweet Ripened Tweets

Thy cup overfloweth.
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A funny Tumblr thread about fruits being named after colors | weaver-z Follow Ænzo @dolphin_dom Fun fact: blueberries are only fruit named after color rinasawayana dolphin_dom star fruit?

Tumblr Thread On Fruits And Colors Spirals Out Of Control

Oh no, say it ain't so.
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