Guy Outwits Inconsiderate Roommate With Pavlovian Method

Now that's a beautifully executed pro revenge. The guy managed to bring on his roommate's downfall, without the roommate even having any idea about how that happened in the first place. For some more juicy roommate drama check out this revenge story about a stealing roommate who got their clothes dyed for free.

Guy ends up outwitting his inconsiderate roommate by using the pavlovian method | r/ProRevenge u/nitsirtriscuit 1y Join Roommate lacks will get up on his own see lot hot blooded revenge stories lately where huge shit storms get stirred up and someone gets fired or arrested. My story is cold blooded revenge, where very small and deliberate action makes my victim lose out. My first semester at college had roommate who pain butt. He made up Honor Code rules tell us weren't allowed watch movies or
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