Very Demotivational


Always Rehearse Your Plan

revenge inigo montoya - 3062553344
By Kronkie

Marios Days of Triumph Are Over

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By Unknown
Package thief steals gifts intended for other people, gets glittered, that results in their eviction | r/pettyrevenge u/brigittefires Steal my stuff? Get glittered lived an apartment building. As member local free gifting community put gifts out on regular basis people pick up had massive front porch building had plenty space put an entire living room set by front corner and still move furniture /out comfortably. Nothing resembling tight squeeze made appointments with people pick up

Package Thief Steals Gifts, Gets Glittered, Then Gets Evicted

Some next level glitter prowess here.
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Guy ends up outwitting his inconsiderate roommate by using the pavlovian method | r/ProRevenge u/nitsirtriscuit 1y Join Roommate lacks will get up on his own see lot hot blooded revenge stories lately where huge shit storms get stirred up and someone gets fired or arrested. My story is cold blooded revenge, where very small and deliberate action makes my victim lose out. My first semester at college had roommate who pain butt. He made up Honor Code rules tell us weren't allowed watch movies or

Guy Outwits Inconsiderate Roommate With Pavlovian Method

Roommate should've just played nice.
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Revenge, an Idea Best Served Wet

cat wet revenge fish - 3372386816
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Awkward bad idea ex girlfriend passed out revenge - 4545994240
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Are the Shadows Best Served Cold?

revenge shadows funny - 8292856832
By Unknown

Sleep With One Eye Open

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You Better Sleep With Your Eyes Open

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By Joker213
Employee changes passwords and then goes on vacation story | Posted by u Morgoth 9 hours ago 2 3 2 35 3 Force take my vacation time dont want and tell secure my station by freshening up my passwords before go? Okay boss. oc s start with, my boss had his moments. Sometimes he dick who would push off on my raises or screw with my system, sometimes he would hook up and make my life pleasant. This not one latter.

Jerk Boss Bumps Vacation, Employee Changes Passwords and Leaves

"If that's what you want me to do boss, okay."
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dad dish hilarious kid revenge - 5906207744
By xyzpdq1
Girl tries to scam tenant out of rent money, and ends up paying thousands | r/ProRevenge u/Infinite_Number 1d Join 1 1 1 1 Try scam out rent money? Have fun paying back six times amount, losing all friends, and getting exposed lies Obligatory "not sure if this qualifies as pro but is definitely step above petty ultimate result did give immense satisfaction see this girl try scam fail terribly, and have face financial, social, and legal consequences. tl;dr at end, since this is long one. This

Girl Tries To Blackmail Tenant, Ends Up Paying Thousands

Nice try, Wendy.
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The Lolrus Is Calculating and Vicious

revenge - 3103825152
By Unknown
Guy feeds the crows, so the crows get back at bully neighbors for him | r/pettyrevenge u/tempthethrowaway Feathered Friends High Places Not sure if this belongs here, so let know ok? TL;DR: Had issues with neighbor over parking. Local crows l'd made friends with vandalized his cars retaliation. So background day moved into this apartment complex our across hall neighbors started bullying us. Why parked handicap spot next sidewalk building. Why handicapped.

Guy Feeds Crows, Crows Get Back At Bully Neighbors For Him

Crows can be awesome.
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A Dish Best Served After Baking it in the Oven All Day

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dogs hilarious pee revenge - 2970727680
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