Times People Questioned Their Own Intelligence

Someone on AskReddit got a thread going about the most impressively dumb things people did that inspired them to question their own intelligence. Sometimes you lead a life where you worked 10 years in a kitchen, and still end up trying to microwave a saucepan. Or maybe you find yourself mindlessly blaring your car horn at the guy who you already knew was deaf, but somehow forgot because your brain decided to take a catnap. We've all been there caught up in the middle of an impressively mindless moment, at some point in our lives. 

A collection of dumb things people did that made them question their own intelligence | pollypostmormon 2y sitting traffic, and noticed all other lanes were moving while mine hadn't budged an inch craned my neck trying see hold up and finally figured out wasn't lane at all, but had been patiently waiting behind line parked cars.
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