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It's the 'Gram. An entire generation of lazy kids has turned a social media platform into a successful lifestyle. Where was this when we worked at gas stations and movie theaters. It is a craze that has swept the world and left little privacy in its wake. Show check out some of the best Insta memes and gifs and everything in between and satisfy that urge to add a Story.

Zombies Can Use Cameras?

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By meganeguard

Unfortunately, This Is the Truth

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By Unknown
dad joke style memes about being middile class fancy | stock photography unexpectedly run into friend Doug at place establishment Looks like theyll let anybody here lol Omiddleclassfancy | she finds out love Chili's drink crispy boys on reg, drive certified pre-owned Kia Optima, and earn clean 38k salary middledassfancy next thing knew pregnant kylie jenner

'Middle Class Fancy' Nuggets For All The Dads In Training

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Just Eat

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Take That Instagramers!

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By MusicalGirl2311