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Funny random memes for wasting time, relatable memes, office memes, dank memes, funny tweets | friend: omg had dream where married my crush my dreams: Shutte Ste Here's child car flying and cat holding a naked man in a basket | Leonardo Dicaprio wasn't always meme, he an actor too sure grandma let's get bed DAD

36 Memes Meant For Wasting Precious Time

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Gamer accidentally bottlenecks his PC for three years | r/tifu u/theRAMlord TIFU by accidentally severely bottlenecking my PC over 3 years. M TL;DR at bottom waffled built my first ever PC around 3.5 years ago s pretty budget but thought 500 spending on parts would be pretty decent. So follow couple youtube tutorials build and everything worked fine first try my absolute surprise. Over course 3 years, lI've never had one problem with other than pretty slow and could only run games on low

Gamer Accidentally Severely Bottlenecks PC For Years

That's a big whoops.
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