Girl Tries To Blackmail Tenant, Ends Up Paying Thousands

Man, we're not even sure who is worse in this equation: Wendy or the scumbag property management company. They let that place devolve into a complete mess of a housing situation. At least Wendy learned her lesson in the value of playing nice with everyone, and not doing something terrible like trying to scam a tenant out of thousands of dollars. 

Girl tries to scam tenant out of rent money, and ends up paying thousands | r/ProRevenge u/Infinite_Number 1d Join 1 1 1 1 Try scam out rent money? Have fun paying back six times amount, losing all friends, and getting exposed lies Obligatory "not sure if this qualifies as pro but is definitely step above petty ultimate result did give immense satisfaction see this girl try scam fail terribly, and have face financial, social, and legal consequences. tl;dr at end, since this is long one. This
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