Tumblr Post: Cowboy Tips Make Great Life Advice

This quick and entertaining Tumblr post highlights some golden nuggets of wisdom from a Cowboy Tips passage, of all things. Maybe all that any of us need to make it in this crazy game of life, is to just remember some solid cowboy tips. That could be it. Check out some more gold from Tumblr with this thread about the still-on submarines.

A quick Tumblr post on how cowboy tips end up making for great life advice | generalgrievousdatingsim im reading about cowboy phrases and sayings and like 95 them are just solid life advice generalgrievousdatingsim | Things Cowboy Should Not Do Here are some words live by according cowboys. Some are really good advice and all are funny cowboy sayings Don't squat with spurs on Don't let yearnings get ahead earnings Don't dig water under outhouse Don't go if don't know way out Don't mess with some
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