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Cyclops and Xavier Totally Looks Like Lieutenant La Forge and Captain Picard

x men totally looks like Star Trek funny - 7845573376
By jonnyjonjones

Beast [X Men First Class] Totally Looks Like Mr Howard [Dad From Teen Wolf]

beast funny TLL x men - 6302528512
By nomster2.0

George Romero Totally Looks Like Stan Lee

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By MaliceDesire

TLL Classics: The John C. Calhoun Classics Collection

back to the future beast christopher lloyd classics comics edge Hall of Fame john-c-calhoun Johnny Depp muppets political politics Sam the Eagle vice president x men - 4991132160
By Unknown

Racer X Totally Looks Like Cyclops

funny TLL x men - 6286392064
By owentuohy


mr clean patrick stewart Star Trek x men - 1570524416
By Yosamu

Nero Totally Looks Like Mesmero

x men totally looks like Star Trek funny - 7842443520
By Animators-Voice

Faran Tahir Totally Looks Like Professor Charles Xavier (X-Men Evolution)

x men totally looks like funny - 7839866368
By jonnyjonjones