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History Day TLL Classic: Walt Whitman Totally Looks Like Gandalf The Grey

beards classics gandalf hats History Day Lord of the Rings poet walt whitman writer - 5039158784
By Unknown

Sean Astin Totally Looks Like Jim Tully (American Writer)

sean astin actor writer TLL funny - 6835144448
By gerpaderp

Captain Neweyes from "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" Totally Looks Like Mark Twain

funny mark twain TLL writer - 6366505216
By Kenny94

Young Brian May Totally Looks Like Oscar Wilde

brian may celeb funny history Music queen TLL writer - 6408229632
By MadelineMemeQueen


director writer - 3495324160
By costumearemylife

John Steinbeck Totally Looks Like Paul Walker

actor funny paul walker TLL writer - 6236564736
By Stunman

Alan Ginsberg Totally Looks Like David Cross

actor celeb David Cross funny TLL writer - 6037612288
By plynthe

Stephenie Meyer Totally Does Not Look Like An Actual Author

author Totally Does Not Look Like undisputed fact writer - 5002518272
By chelseafletcher86

Bruce Banner in "Ultimate Human" Totally Looks Like David Foster Wallace

funny TLL writer - 6380467968
By Unknown


anime journalist politics spirited away writer - 3616700416
By chadinko

Justin Long Totally Looks Like Molière

actor comedian writer - 4484423168
By butterfly4390


actress comedian ellen degeneres writer - 3333505792
By gophertoes


garth saturday night live TV waynes world writer - 2579535104
By Unknown

Neil Gaiman Totally Looks Like Young Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow celeb funny Music neil gaiman writer - 5973512960
By BronyFudo6