Totally Looks Like

totally looks like

Mads Mikkelsen Totally Looks Like Vladimir Putin

totally looks like Vladimir Putin - 7982830848
Created by KickassKiwi

Ghirahim from LOZ: Skyward Sword Totally Looks Like Magus From Chrono Trigger

totally looks like zelda - 7871488768
Created by Reaper40

Rob Ford Totally Looks Like John Madden

totally looks like rob ford funny - 7899260416

Skrillex Totally Looks Like Corey Feldman

corey feldman skrillex totally looks like funny - 7592437504
Created by shellmer

Ezra Pound Totally Looks Like King Charles

totally looks like funny - 7770977792
Created by camitart

Humpty Dumpty Totally Looks Like This Guy

eggs totally looks like - 7291794944

Rupert Murdoch Totally Looks Like Boss of DALEKS

daleks totally looks like Rupert Murdoch doctor who funny - 7817083648
Created by jagmanicus

Sarah Palin Totally Looks Like Peggy Hill

totally looks like Sarah Palin funny - 7556968448

Brazilian Stock Car Racer Popo Bueno Totally Looks Like Alan Partridge

totally looks like funny - 7505990656

Dave Grohl Totally Looks Like George Harrison

Dave Grohl totally looks like george harrison - 7876148480

Robin Thicke Totally Looks Like Sheldon as the Doppler Effect

totally looks like robin thicke the big bang theory funny - 7780924416
Created by bigmanmark

Life Changes You

the office Macklemore totally looks like funny - 7683831040
Via Bill Hitchert

Jim Henson Totally Looks Like Moses (Prince of Egypt)

muppets totally looks like Sesame Street jim henson - 7763994880

Hak Foo Totally Looks Like SS4 Gogeta

totally looks like funny - 7878250240

The Singing Man Totally Looks Like Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin totally looks like funny - 7696747776
Created by XxEvilSinxX

Giovanni Ribisi Totally Looks Like Chester Bennington

totally looks like funny - 7534658048
Created by Ramayaben