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the lion king

The Lion King, Disney's ultimate classic. There will be many Disney movies made and remade, few can compare to the majesty of this movie. The only thing better could be that same movie making us clutch our sides with laughter. Make sure you Mufasa and don't miss hilarious lion king puns, memes, gifs and everything in between.

Simba Totally Looks Like This Lion Cub

simba the lion king - 4963342848
By chelseafletcher86

Banzai (Lion King) Totally Looks Like Dragonborn

funny Movie Skyrim the lion king TLL - 5640290816
By alpacalypse

Corgi Totally Looks Like Hyena from The Lion King

corgi disney dogs funny hyena the lion king TLL - 6635610368
By Unknown


dogs the lion king tongue ugly - 3203338240

Muammar Gaddafi Totally Looks Like Scar from The Lion King

animation dictators libya politics scar the lion king - 4519627520
By MissBambi

Chris Bosh Totally Looks Like Ed from Lion King

disney funny nba sports the lion king TLL - 6323528448
By Unknown

Scar from The Lion King Totally Looks Like Dave Navarro

celeb Dave Navarro disney funny Music scar the lion king TLL - 6466755328


animals cars cartoons the lion king - 1470639872
By Unknown


cartoons chris farley comedians david spade Hall of Fame the lion king - 3694148352
By kellykatana


cartoons scar the lion king - 4319950592
By emmmav