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Star Trek

Bald Britney Spears Totally Looks Like Ilia from Star Trek: TMP

bald britney spears totally looks like Star Trek - 7262114816
Created by Unknown


Cats lolcats Star Trek - 3748029696
Created by shakasin


snickers Star Trek - 2837543424
Created by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dr. Kelso from Scrubs Totally Looks Like Dr. Piper from Star Trek

actors scrubs Star Trek - 4901603328
Created by rxmc89

This Toilet Flapper Totally Looks Like Enterprise NX-01

totally looks like Star Trek - 7976849152
Created by mrmrr

Cutter Totally Looks Like Khan

totally looks like Star Trek funny - 7797615616
Created by Willyconchilly

Quark Totally Looks Like Waxman

Henry Waxman politician Star Trek - 3773294336
Created by edeldoug

The Burn on My Arm Totally Looks Like The Star Trek Insignia

totally looks like Star Trek funny - 7610276352
Created by craftypeluca


actor patrick stewart soccer sports Star Trek world cup - 3731460352
Created by miilann

Jean-luc Picard Totally Looks Like ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano

astronauts Star Trek space - 7494083584
Created by jmcenanly

This Woman Totally Looks Like Lt. Commander Data

woman totally looks like data Star Trek funny - 7568138496
Created by 87por924

Charles Krauthammer Totally Looks Like Gul Dukat

funny politics Star Trek TLL - 6565111552
Created by AmberAurora


Caveman commercials GEICO space Star Trek - 1691332352
Created by MozMan

Rebecca Adlington Totally Looks Like ODO (DS9)

funny London 2012 odo olympics Star Trek TLL - 6477430528
Created by Unknown

This "Star Trek" Fan Totally Looks Like Scotty

fan mustaches random person Star Trek - 5185914368
Created by obeeah

Dori (The Hobbit) Totally Looks Like Kelsey Grammer (Captain Morgan Bateson)

funny kelsey grammer Star Trek The Hobbit TLL - 6592574208
Created by mrcydonia