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Sleestak snooki - 3822296320
Created by rexadog

Snooki Totally Looks Like The Annoying Orange

annoying orange orange snooki - 5054340608
Created by CuddleWithMe123

Snooki Totally Looks Like Baby Sinclair

dinosaurs jersey shore puppet snooki - 4514801408
Created by pcampo

Bristol Palin Totally Looks Like Snooki

reality stars snooki - 4745714688
Created by Bebischnitzel

Snooki Totally Looks Like This Jackass

funny Hall of Fame jackass snooki TLL - 5617429248
Created by venusazaboy

Snooki Totally Looks Like An Uruk-hai

evil jersey shore Lord of the Rings reality tv snooki - 4914120960
Created by chelseafletcher86

Jersey Devil child from X Files Totally Looks Like Snooki

snooki totally looks like funny - 7544233472
Created by kleunico

Snooki Totally Looks Like Bratz Doll

Bratz Doll doll funny jersey shore reality tv snooki TLL toy - 6386422528
Created by PrincessStinkFluff

Snooki Totally Looks Like a Troll Doll

funny Hall of Fame snooki TLL Troll Doll - 6206964992
Created by safflor

Snooki Totally Looks Like Ewok

ewok Hall of Fame jersey shore reality stars snooki star wars - 4825823232
Created by ZHansen


hair snooki - 4094739712
Created by jlgrand62

Snooki Totally Looks Like A Circus Bear Riding A Trike

animals bear jersey shore snooki - 4516287232
Created by Unknown

Look-Alikes From the 2011 Grammy Awards

big bird Cabbage Patch Kids cee-lo green christina aguilera condom egg fashion Grammys justin bieber lady gaga miley cyrus nicki minaj patrick star rihanna snooki SpongeBob SquarePants the fifth element - 4462508800
Created by Unknown


snooki - 3805345280
Created by Guav