Totally Looks Like

Sesame Street

Does That Make Chris Pine Ernie?

Zachary Quinto totally looks like Sesame Street - 7975073280
By Unknown


Cookie Monster cookies puppet Sesame Street - 4407283968
By LaszloPanaflex

The Situation and Pauly D Totally Looks Like Bert and Ernie

bert and ernie funny jersey shore pauly d Sesame Street the situation TLL - 5365858816
By greekgirl994


big bird politician Queen Elizabeth II royalty Sesame Street TV - 3442910464
By randomrazzle_4_eva

Bert and Ernie Totally Looks Like Paint Brush Display

bert bert and ernie brush Sesame Street - 4537408768
By Unknown

Lil' Jon Totally Looks Like Clifford from Sesame Street

Hall of Fame muppets puppets rappers Sesame Street - 4615323904
By ajchann123


arrested development David Cross puppets Sesame Street tobias fünke - 3901601536
By fujikosis

Jim Henson Totally Looks Like Moses (Prince of Egypt)

muppets totally looks like Sesame Street jim henson - 7763994880
By Unknown

Angry Yellow Bird Totally Looks Like Bert

angry birds bert bert and ernie Sesame Street unibrow - 5218641920
By carsanchez


chair Cookie Monster furniture puppets Sesame Street - 1639553280
By spoman

Mercury Impact Crater Totally Looks Like Cookie Monster

funny TLL Cookie Monster Sesame Street - 6666432768
By Unknown

Bert from "Sesame Street" Totally Looks Like Kevin Jonas

bert Sesame Street - 4655358976
By emalke


angry birds bert Hall of Fame Sesame Street unibrow - 4289208064
By RichMahogany

Andre Smith's Stomach Totally Looks Like The Yip Yip Aliens From Sesame Street

athlete football Sesame Street - 5102451712
By IronFist73

My New Headphones Totally Looks Like Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster headphones muppets Sesame Street - 4733678592
By Plastikb0y

These Boots Totally Looks Like Big Bird

big bird boots fashion funny Sesame Street TLL - 5880983296
By Unknown