Totally Looks Like



adam savage James Hetfield metallica mythbusters - 4088355072
By Unknown

Young Lars Ulrich Totally Looks Like Amanda Seyfried

actress actresses Amanda Seyfried blonde child metallica musicians - 5225846528
By doginyellowcoat

Sky Blu from "LMFAO" Totally Looks Like Kirk Hammett from "Metallica"

funny lmfao metallica TLL - 5584906240
By Unknown

James Hetfield (Metallica) Totally Looks Like Sheamus (WWE)

funny TLL James Hetfield Music celeb sheamus metallica - 6679545344
By Unknown

James Hetfield (Metallica) Totally Looks Like Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

chris hemsworth James Hetfield metallica movies musicians Thor - 4738758656
By majorepicfail


animals Cowardly Lion James Hetfield lion metallica wizard of oz - 1469529344
By Unknown

SkyBlu (LMFAO) Totally Looks Like Kirk Hemmett (Metallica)

funny Hall of Fame lmfao metallica Music TLL - 5884210176
By armansonx

James Young (Styx) Totally Looks Like James Hetfield (Metallica)

funny Hall of Fame James Hetfield metallica Music styx TLL - 6009261568
By Mandilore