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jersey shore

Captain Gutt from Ice Age 4 Totally Looks Like Pauly D from Jersey Shore

jersey shore Movie TLL pauly d ice age reality tv funny - 6708181248
By armandsti

Pauly D Totally Looks Like Kim Jong Il

dictator guido jersey shore Kim Jong-Il pauly d political politicians reality tv sunglasses - 5227121664
By dontpanik


jersey shore the situation - 3827915776
By thethresher


jersey shore the situation - 3892911104
By hbosslacrosse28

Snooki Totally Looks Like Bratz Doll

Bratz Doll doll funny jersey shore reality tv snooki TLL toy - 6386422528
By PrincessStinkFluff


brock jersey shore pauly d Pokémon - 3878803200
By DreamnOfCali


douchebags jersey shore mtv the situation tool TV - 3690568448
By nonichan

Snooki Totally Looks Like Baby Sinclair

dinosaurs jersey shore puppet snooki - 4514801408
By pcampo


jersey shore Pokémon - 3805433344
By allhailthefailboat

Snooki Totally Looks Like An Uruk-hai

evil jersey shore Lord of the Rings reality tv snooki - 4914120960
By chelseafletcher86

Kitchen Brush Totally Looks Like Pauly D

brush jersey shore orange pauly d - 4466869760
By jordilollz

The Situation Totally Looks Like Walter Matthau

actors jersey shore the situation walter matthau - 4571910912
By Unknown

Back of a Car Totally Looks Like DJ Pauly D

car expression jersey shore pauly d - 4419975424
By Stormi12

Snooki Totally Looks Like Ewok

ewok Hall of Fame jersey shore reality stars snooki star wars - 4825823232
By ZHansen

Deena from Jersey Shore Totally Looks Like Spike from Land Before Time

deena funny jersey shore spike TLL - 5597301504
By kimmiecub

Bristol Palin Totally Looks Like Snookie

glasses jersey shore Snookie - 5086392832
By jazzmin9
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