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Gimli From LOTR Totally Looks Like Mike Portnoy

Lord of the Rings totally looks like gimli funny - 7786316544
By Unknown

Oksana Grigorieva Totally Looks Like Octomom

funny TLL - 5137069568
By Shelly2222

Daenerys Targaryen Totally Looks Like Olivia Hussey

totally looks like funny - 7847172864
By Jaeren

Politician Geert Wilders Totally Looks Like Chrimbus Tim Heidecker

totally looks like funny - 7657795840
By FunnyFenway

Paris Hilton Totally Looks Like Sims 3 Derpina

celeb funny game Hall of Fame paris hilton Sims TLL - 5360816384
By Oievelina

David Alaba Totally Looks Like Tyler the Creator

totally looks like funny - 7450743552
By yudodistodolan

Allahabad Cucumber Farmer Totally Looks Like Tangela

food funny TLL - 6017634560
By kaploy9

Fran Harrison Totally Looks Like Mindy from "The Network"

animation funny TLL - 6368371712
By dr3amb0y

Packy Lundholm Totally Looks Like Dmitri Shostakovich

funny TLL - 6105888000
By Unknown

Rene Descartes Totally Looks Like Al Pacino

actor al pacino celeb funny rené descartes TLL - 5936312576
By Unknown

Heimdall Totally Looks Like Noctowl

funny Pokémon TLL - 5212738560
By deadlypoisonedcandy

Apache Hose Logo Totally Looks Like Assassin's Creed "Abstergo" Logo

logo TLL video game assassins creed funny - 6774915328
By Data91883

Courtney Stodden Totally Looks Like Paris Hilton on South Park

celeb funny Hall of Fame paris hilton TLL - 5394548992
By grilledcheesesandwich

This Mosaic Totally Looks Like Shoop Da Whoop

TLL shoop da whoop meme funny - 6734067200
By Unknown

Lady Gaga Totally Looks Like A Twizzler

totally looks like lady gaga funny - 7706428416
By Stacerbell

Nicki Minaj Totally Looks Like a Ball of Yarn

totally looks like yarn nicki minaj funny - 7485387776
By poopfacemagee