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Guy accidentally winds up telling same lie over and over again | r/tifu u/isaacturon14• 12h Join TIFU by accidentally getting on retail chain's most wanted list M Funniest story ever. So my twin brother works at retail chain and gets very good discounts. He's allowed re with friends and family (but found out hard way he has be present At store my brother works at all employees need order get their discount is their employee ID, so he shared his with and told l'd be free use

Guy Accidentally Ends Up On Retail's Most Wanted List

Those lies will catch up to you.
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cartoons family family guy Peter Griffin TV - 1521593600
By magnum19mm

My Step-Aunt Totally Looks Like The Spitter

family the spitter video games - 4834473472
By TokyoDesertRose

Chickens Totally Looks Like The Duggars

children family Hall of Fame - 4454934528
By Heatherlynn80

My Mother-in-Law Totally Looks Like Maxine

cartoons family maxine old lady - 4640411136
By Unknown