Totally Looks Like


Alberta Darling Totally Looks Like Scorpius

evil farscape republican - 5053739520
Created by Unknown

Hosni Mubarak Totally Looks Like The Count

egypt evil Hosni Mubarak muppets vampire - 4448515328
Created by aho4th

Hosni Mubarak Totally Looks Like Calibos (Clash of the Titans, 1981)

dictator egypt evil Hosni Mubarak monster president - 4453743360
Created by Bob_Loblaw

Rupert Murdoch Totally Looks Like Davros

dalek daleks Davros doctor who evil fox news Rupert Murdoch - 4982503424
Created by YoshiyaKiryu

Chucky Totally Looks Like Kuato From Total Recall

childs play Chucky evil movies total recall ugly - 4923759616
Created by ZeRobertos

Snooki Totally Looks Like An Uruk-hai

evil jersey shore Lord of the Rings reality tv snooki - 4914120960
Created by chelseafletcher86


bunny evil pink - 2776154368
Created by Unknown