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doctor who

Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama Totally Looks Like An Ood from Doctor Who

doctor who funny futurama Hall of Fame TLL - 5092107008
Created by lookalike86

Rupert Murdoch Totally Looks Like Boss of DALEKS

daleks totally looks like Rupert Murdoch doctor who funny - 7817083648
Created by jagmanicus

Howard Stern in the '80s Totally Looks Like Tom Baker in the '70s

actor celeb doctor who funny howard stern TLL - 6381972224
Created by EIectricmastro

Dalek's Gun Totally Looks Like Egg Beater

dalek doctor who funny TLL - 5716556032
Created by theTARDIS

Elsa Patton Totally Looks Like The Face Of Boe

doctor who TLL - 6943703040
Created by itsvictoria

Old Dr. Who Totally Looks Like Smeagol

totally looks like doctor who - 7189123072
Created by alielbaryeshua

Bowties Totally Looks Like Cool

cool doctor who - 5121615104
Created by mericat

Kracko Totally Looks Like The Atraxi

doctor who - 4713941760
Created by dreamking89

The First Doctor (William Hartnell) Totally Looks Like Madeleine Albright

actors doctor who politicians william hartnell - 4796082176

Gregg (Regular Show) Totally Looks Like Matt Smith

Matt Smith totally looks like doctor who regular show funny - 7663575040
Created by Agoonga


doctor who - 3833430784
Created by nerdgirlism

Mr. Bean Stuck in a Turkey Totally Looks Like A Dalek-Human From Dr Who

doctor who mr-bean totally looks like Turkey - 7929257472
Created by tygrrcub

Looker (Pokemon Platinum) Totally Looks Like David Tennant (Doctor Who)

anime David Tennant doctor who Pokémon - 4486982912
Created by casey425

Rupert Murdoch Totally Looks Like Davros

dalek daleks Davros doctor who evil fox news Rupert Murdoch - 4982503424
Created by YoshiyaKiryu

Durex Condom Totally Looks Like A Dalek

alien condom dalek doctor who Hall of Fame - 4906650880
Created by InannaSkili

Dalek Totally Looks Like The Brain

daleks doctor who totally looks like the brain - 7970120704
Created by sedoop
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