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Phineas Totally Looks Like A Dorito

cartoons childrens tv disney junk food - 3336719360
By Unknown

Young Elizabeth totally looks like Belle!

Beauty and the Beast disney totally looks like belle bioshock - 7333601536
By krista-joy

Jared Padalecki totally looks like Disney's Tarzan

disney funny Jared Padalecki tarzan TLL - 6444731648
By SimplyMadness

Samuel from The Glee Project Totally Looks Like Tarzan

disney funny glee tarzan TLL TV - 5020567552
By megz10145


dad disney jessi-slaughters-dad - 3789350912
By Yayshwa_Gron_Day


Cowardly Lion disney hair Hall of Fame miley cyrus singer wizard of oz - 3648388096
By emfriesen27

Edward Norton Totally Looks Like Young Walt Disney

actor disney funny TLL walt disney - 6470012160
By stemz0r

TLL Classic: This Cocker Spaniel Totally Looks Like Peg from "Lady and the Tramp"

animal disney dogs funny TLL - 6160607744
By Unknown


animals animation disney dogs movies - 1943562496
By awakeaftermidnight

Adrian Brody Totally Looks Like Flynn Ryder

actor disney funny TLL - 5713619712
By Christina711

Guy From Sims Social Totally Looks Like Flynn Rider

disney Flynn Rider funny game guy Sims TLL - 5888042240
By Unknown


cartoons dance disney movies robin hood The jungle book - 3335321088
By FatalKrouzer

Paris Hilton Totally Looks Like This Witch From Snow White

celeb disney funny paris hilton TLL - 6593994240
By raw4815162342

AnnaSophia Robb Totally Looks Like Rapunzel from Disney's "Tangled"

disney funny rapunzel tangled TLL - 5656665856
By Unknown

Corgi Totally Looks Like Hyena from The Lion King

corgi disney dogs funny hyena the lion king TLL - 6635610368
By Unknown


disney model queen - 1559393536
By Unknown