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TLL Classics: Kuchisake-onna (“Slit-Mouth Woman”) Totally Looks Like Barrel

barrel cartoons cartoon characters classics Japan mythology the nightmare before christmas - 5175027200
Created by Unknown

This Cat Totally Looks Like Nigel Thornberry

animals cartoon characters cat ginger mustache mustaches nigel thornberry pet redhead redheads - 5165032960
Created by aizitzer

Derp Tech Guy Totally Looks Like "South Park" WOW Guy

cartoons cartoon characters glasses South Park WoW - 5109112832
Created by TimR11

Eric Clapton Totally Looks Like Nathan From South Park

cartoons cartoon characters glasses musicians South Park - 5098569984
Created by RonRoberto

Awww Yeah Meme Totally Looks Like He-man

aww yeah cartoons cartoon characters he man meme meme faces rainbow - 5122313984
Created by CabooZe189

Lucius Malfoy of "Harry Potter" Totally Looks Like Skwisgaar Skwigelf of "Metalocalypse"

blond hair cartoons cartoon characters Harry Potter Jason Isaacs Lucius Malfoy Metalocalypse - 5015611136
Created by gumdroptea

Angelica Pickles Totally Looks Like Pattie Boyd

cartoons cartoon characters rugrats - 5246657536
Created by thebeatlesgeek10

The Ball Under Spongebob's Table Totally Looks Like Google Chrome Logo

cartoons cartoon characters logos SpongeBob SquarePants - 4957818624
Created by ViKaAylol

Balloony (Phineas & Ferb) Totally Looks Like Steve Buscemi

cartoons cartoon characters eyes steve buscemi - 5173908736
Created by ddavis1979

Ugly Tattoo Totally Looks Like Doug Funnie

banana cartoons cartoon characters nickelodeon tattoo - 5166309888
Created by ink_potion

Blake Anderson (Workaholics) Totally Looks Like William Murderface

actors cartoon characters cartoons Metalocalypse mustache mustaches william murderface - 5125115904
Created by linuxmort

Princess Fiona From "Shrek" Totally Looks Like Female Tennis Player Kim Clijsters

athlete cartoons cartoon characters shrek tennis - 5035604992
Created by Unknown

TLL Classics: Susan Sarandon Totally Looks Like Peggy Hill From "King Of The Hill"

actress actresses brunettes cartoon characters classics glasses King of the hill peggy hill susan sarandon - 5046973696
Created by Unknown

TLL Classics: Robot USB Keychain Totally Looks Like Bender from Futurama

bender cartoons cartoon characters classics futurama Keychain robot robots technology - 5107423744
Created by Unknown

TLL Classics: Upside-down Dodge Viper Logo Totally Looks Like Daffy Duck

cartoon characters classics dodge logos - 5091669248
Created by Unknown

Junie B Jones Totally Looks Like Velma From Scooby Doo

books cartoon characters fictional characters glasses orange scooby doo - 5091804928
Created by LAUGHITUP