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Jack Nicholson as The Joker Totally Looks Like This Apple

actors apple batman food jack nicholson the joker - 4614159360
Created by DaRAnOiA

$27 Million Elizabeth Taylor Painting Totally Looks Like The Joker

batman heath ledger painting the joker - 4758142208
Created by benhuh

This Bug Totally Looks Like Batman Logo

animal batman bug funny logo TLL - 6484599296
Created by Unknown

The Riddler Totally Looks Like Neil Patrick Harris

batman cartoons comic Hall of Fame Neil Patrick Harris - 5181457408
Created by Erik-Ahl


batman gucci - 4325702656
Created by Unknown


batman glasses - 3644796416
Created by icanhasbrains

The Joker Totally Looks Like Charlie Sheen

actor batman Charlie Sheen funny Hall of Fame the joker TV - 4709068800
Created by KittensGalore

Christie Brinkley Totally Looks Like The Joker

actors batman heath ledger models movies the dark knight the joker - 4700935936
Created by evilkumquat

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Totally Looks Like The Penguin (Batman)

batman Chris Christie funny Governor politics The Penguin TLL - 6576266752
Created by jtrfrankly


batman Gary Oldman ned flanders the simpsons - 2152360192
Created by Unknown


batman smile the joker - 2671264512
Created by fastfood

Madonna with grill Totally Looks Like Jack Nicholson/Joker

joker totally looks like grill batman Madonna - 7754659328
Created by sunny237223

TLL Classics: Franklin Roosevelt Totally Looks Like The Penguin

batman political politics presidents smoking The Penguin - 5016608256
Created by Unknown

Callista Gingrich Totally Looks Like The Joker

batman jack nicholson the joker - 4798914816
Created by sanlopez


batman makeup smile the joker TV - 2653298432
Created by Unknown

Hosni Mubarak Totally Looks Like The Penguin

batman comics egypt Hosni Mubarak The Penguin villains - 4416788736
Created by Unknown
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