Pucker From Hell

derp duck face face replace owned Tenso - 4918035200

New Phone

derp mirror pics phone photobomb shirtless - 3623315456
By Unknown

My Feelings Have Been Destroyed

Animal Bomb animals derp dogs pets - 6240090624
By Kay

Why We Don't Want to See Radio Hosts

awesome best of week derp - 5700478208
By Brandon Murray

Imma Hoers

animal Animal Bomb derp horse - 6478884864
By Unknown

Say Cheese, Muffin

say cheese derp - 7055762944
Via Tastefully Offensive

One Million Dollars

arm awesome derp eyes - 5674236928
By Abi


ninja derp couple - 7095789056
By Dunand

Family? WTF Is This?

derp family family portrait group photo that face t rex - 5081369856
By bewarenargles

Reframe: I Hope You Dream of Him

derp Reframe - 6018201344
By Unknown

Time for an Exorcism

creepy sneakers derp that face - 4825924096
By leprechaun_tag

Need an Exorcism?

derp - 7089259264
By Trena H.

Ermahgerd Pherterbermb

club Ermahgerd derp - 6839747328
By Unknown

Don't Be a Menace...

duck face derp - 6735770880
By zokre19

Double the Photoburrrms

Awkward derp KISS whatcha doin - 4885478144
By miniche

Wuuurrt Animal Is That?

animal Awkward derp kangaroo sideways - 5869712384
By Dylan Snyder
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