This stuff is the bomb! Seriously explosive puns memes and gifs to keep you on the edge of your seat. So save yourself the price of admission and blow up your boredom with these concussive bomb humor.

Superhero Guard

bomb costume kid superhero - 6095497984

Zombie Bomb

bomb brains having fun Impending Doom out and about zombie - 6364803328
Created by Unknown

Ginger Bomb

bomb creepy sneakers Flower ginger love scary - 6480932864
Created by JestingCharlie


animal Animal Bomb bomb butt - 4784252416
Created by Dave

Bosh Disapproves

awesome bomb chris bosh meme miami heat nba - 6210063360
Via Slacktory

Dog Dropping a Bomb

animal Animal Bomb bomb dogs number 2 - 6009061888
Created by Unknown

You'll Never Be a Model

Awkward bite bomb model pose shark - 4767953408
Created by Unknown

Not Sure Who's Bombing Who...

Animal Bomb animals bomb cat creepy guy - 5576375296
Created by Kurt

Photobomb Level: Dog

animal Animal Bomb bomb dogs jump photobomb level - 6176451328
Created by Unknown

Blowing Up the Toilet

bathroom bomb girls sexy times toilet - 5972967168
Created by Unknown

Graduation Bomb

beer graduation bomb college - 6884317440
Created by tgh86651


bomb caught in the act Celebrity Edition outdoors twitter - 3562273792
Created by Unknown

Dat a Camra Dere?

bomb derp dress girls Good Times prom - 6200188160
Created by Unknown

Flashes, Grenades and Bombs. Which is which?

awesome bomb camera flash KISS - 4998247936
Created by ivo_uzhorodian

Jenna Marbles Bomb

bomb gross KISS - 6739032064
Created by Unknown

Gif Bombing

awesome bomb gifs girls - 5921353984
Created by Unknown
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