Time to raise the bar. If you walk the straight and narrow, and can toe that line on the bar, then maybe these straight-laced puns are for you to. So grab a pint and celebrate, but make sure you stay the course.

Easter Bunny Hates Everything

all the things angry bar costume Easter Bunny rage - 5022474240
Created by IceT

And Then I...

awesome bar drunk Jägerbombed - 4659940608
Created by Unknown

Dat Geriatric Ass

bar club dat ass elder elderbomb old woman - 4923909632

Roofies Taking Effect in 3..2..

bar creep girls Jägerbombed Party - 4844070144
Created by Vipersloth

Why Are There Feathers Coming Out of Her Crotch?

Awkward awkward guy bar chicks drunk - 4682007296
Created by Unknown


Awkward bar that guy - 3413815552
Created by Unknown

Just Getting a Beer; NBD

awesome bar beer star wars - 2797697792
Created by Unknown

Shoulder Monster

babes bar beer excitement jk monster photobomb - 4122967808
Created by Unknown

Never Leave Your Drink Unattended!

bar drink Good Times want - 5118935040
Created by murrishmo

These Are Not the Jugs He Asked For

bar clueless creepy creepy sneakers girl - 6341365248
Created by ZocomRaider

Where Da Party People At?

bar Party photos serial bomber that guy - 4920082944


animals bar ladies pets photobomb puns wine - 4137393664
Created by Unknown

I Lost My Teeth

bar drinking photobomb teeth - 4502670336
Created by Siep

Teach Me How to Dougie

bar club dance owned - 4538396672
Created by starter09

Watch Out for His Pool Stick!

bar poll sexy times - 4836130048
Created by TedTrendy

Piggyback Ride!

bar drunk Jägerbombed - 4532856064
Created by pendulous_nads
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