Time to raise the bar. If you walk the straight and narrow, and can toe that line on the bar, then maybe these straight-laced puns are for you to. So grab a pint and celebrate, but make sure you stay the course.

Debbie Downer Hates this Bar

bar drinks Jägerbombed Party that guy - 4964726528
By Unknown

Your Mom Says "Go For It"

bar elderbomb KISS makeout mom - 4819252992
By Krista

Drinking Your Drink

awesome bar drink - 5713787648
By japanda82

'Bro, We Don't Know You'

bar friends Jägerbombed Party - 4884796928
By Unknown

Easter Bunny Hates Everything

all the things angry bar costume Easter Bunny rage - 5022474240
By IceT

And Then I...

awesome bar drunk Jägerbombed - 4659940608
By Unknown

Cosmos Taste Great on the Way Up, Too

bar drinks throw up vombomb - 4874683136
By Unknown

Well She's on Your Lap...

Awkward bar erection hard oops - 2870650112
By Unknown

Just Getting a Beer; NBD

awesome bar beer star wars - 2797697792
By Unknown

Careful, He's Contagious

bar derp Jägerbombed that face - 5112827904
By Gravy Jones

Trying So Hard to Not Photobomb

bar facebook Jägerbombed picture - 4918595328
By Asrodrig

I Throw My Hand Up In the Air Sometimes

angry awesome bar drunk - 4633681664
By smitjew

Never Leave Your Drink Unattended!

bar drink Good Times want - 5118935040
By murrishmo

NO, I Will Not Be Refused Appletinis

babes bar bud light drinking glasses photobomb - 4011395072
By Unknown

Let's Make Kissy Faces

background bar creeper Daniel Craig Jägerbombed Party taylor swift - 2838909440
By Twitter


awesome bar crowd mustache statue - 3264679168
By Unknown
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