It's Just Way Too Easy...

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Via Know Your Meme

Grandma: Living Up to Expectations

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Created by RockstarDoubleH

Note Passed: 1/8

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Created by Higgsy

You Didn't Have to Stoop So Low

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Created by Unknown

Stanley Rae Jepsen

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Created by deadmetal87

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Zuckerberg

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Created by Nlinscott13

Must Be "Tom" from MySpace

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Created by NintendoLemonZ


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Created by Unknown

We Need to 'Yo' Deeper

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Created by JLuigiJohn

Oh, You Mean Duckfacebook?

annoying facebook girl duckface facebook ugly zuckerberg - 5482205696
Created by brennan9629

I'm Gonna Need You To Facebook on Saturday...

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Created by maxystone

Yo Zuckerberg

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Created by Unknown

Get Over it, Tom

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Created by PrincessWordplay

The New Facebook Chat Is Making Everyone Angry

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Created by luisb21

But I'm Not in Yet...

From the Movies google social network zuckerberg - 4969527040

WTF Does This Mean, Blue?!

blues clues facebook social network the internets zuckerberg - 4899929344
Created by WVUmaniac23
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