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'Who has the time to give undivided attention for a phone call?': Gen-Z and millennials debate leaving their phones on 'Do Not Disturb' 24/7

In the words of Drake, "Soon as you see the text reply me."
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'They are not hiring and I don't know why': Gen-Z woman with 2 degrees hands out resumes in NYC, gets rejected everywhere

It's tough out there
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'The young and the rizzless': Older generations question why Gen-Z seems to date less than their parents

The Zoomer blues
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"You millennials were raised on time-outs": Gen Xer attempts to start generational beef with millennials, fails miserably

Every generation is soft, apparently
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Older Generations Share the Things Gen-Z Will Never Understand

Pre-zoomer nostalgia
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Zoomers Roast Millennials For Dressing Up as 'Old Memes' at a Meme Party

We're getting old
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Explain Like I'm 35: Are You a Soldier, Poet, or King? (February 18, 2023)

Buzzfeed quizzes are back, baby
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Hilariously Relatable Memes For People Who Work From Home (And May Even Be on the Clock Right Now)

Hilariously Relatable Memes For People Who Work From Home (And Might Even Be on the Clock Right Now)

Does your heart rate spike when you hear the Zoom sound?
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Zoomer Slang & Hairstyles Meet Our Favorite TV and Movie Characters in This Trending Meme

Every now and then 4chan has a hand in something good. And today, well, this month, rather, is one of those times. The imageboard site is responsible for one of my favorite new memes, an exploitable meme format that involves a seriously hideous Zoomer hairstyle, famous actors and characters, and a whole lot of painful Zoomer slang. While both Zoomer ‘dos and Zoomer slang are pretty cringe, when they’re incorporated into these memes we rather like them. The memes first started popping up in May…
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Zoomer Reacts to Convenience Store Robbery by Recording TikTok, Sparking Mixed Responses

There's nothing Gen Z won't TikTok , including robbery at gunpoint. When people criticized TikToker @urfavehotmilf's risky decision to record a potentially dangerous situation in realtime, she sardonically replied, “anything for the content.” @urfavehotmilf I should have never went😩 #iwishihadatimemachine #winterolympics #scarystories ♬ Time Machine - Muni Long
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Millennial Helpfully Explains How Gen Z Use Emojis Differently

Prepare for enlightenment
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News Station Invites Zoomer to Talk About "Birds Aren't Real" Movement, Gets Trolled

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Funny dank memes about TikTok | TikTok is banned India and US, UK, and Australia as well as other countries are planning ban 2020: Well maybe don't want be bad guy anymore_ Megamind | TikTok didn't make people dumb TikTok just showed us who real dumb people are t./ya_pakakal The Office Jim Halpert presentation

17 Memes That Make Fun Of The Cringey World Of TikTok

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Funny memes and posts about the '90s | Kids these days will never know ultimate thumb destroyer GameofLoans DURACELL 100% DURACELL POWERCHECKTM | Rhyaan @Rhyaan_ Some y'all never got tricked into pulling one these by siblings PULL HERE SHOCK and really shows SHOCK PULL HERE SHOCK PULL HERE CH ING OUM CHEWING GUM SHOCK PULL HERE @memezar NC babynanss why were these legal Imao

Fourteen Nostalgic Posts Zoomers Won't Understand

Kids today man.
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Funny video tutorial about how to speak in 'Gen Z' lingo

Tutorial On How To Speak 'Gen Z' Will Really Confuse The Millennials

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Funny and strange dank memes for Generation Z, Zoomers | scooby doo fred revealing villain meme let's see who this really is: People who say s been good decade People who have barely lived dacade. dog with ptsd: 2040 my kid calls zoomer

A Little Dose Of Strange Zoomer Humor For The Generation Z Kids

We respect your meme efforts, Zoomers.
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