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Company fires employee who relocated for the job after 3 months of working: 'I uprooted my life to move over here'

She deserves better
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32 Work-from-Home Memes for Remote Workers Who've Mastered Waking Up 2 Minutes Before Zoom Calls

32 Work-from-Home Memes for Remote Workers Who've Mastered Waking Up 2 Minutes Before a Zoom Call

nothing better than rocking a business casual shirt with sweatpants
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Entitled Employee Freaks Out After Having to Attend a Single Pointless Early Meeting

Get a grip
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30 Work From Home Memes for Antisocial Employees Wearing Their Daytime Pajamas

Dogs are the best coworkers
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Dude Floats Genius Way to Cut the Time Workers Spend in Meetings

Time is money
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Funniest Work From Home Memes for Antisocial Employees Who Love Daytime Pajamas and Having Their Pets As Coworkers

You could say we're all workaholics now since we never leave the workplace
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Funniest Zoom Memes to Secretly Send Your Favorite Coworkers During a Zoom Meeting

This could've been an email...
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Worker Gets Asked To Share Notes After Zoom Meeting, Gets Chided For Doodling

It helps with concentration, right?
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Hilariously Relatable Memes For People Who Work From Home (And May Even Be on the Clock Right Now)

Hilariously Relatable Memes For People Who Work From Home (And Might Even Be on the Clock Right Now)

Does your heart rate spike when you hear the Zoom sound?
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Student Turns Off Zoom Camera To Breastfeed, Gets Revenge When Professor Berates Her

What did he expect?
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Man Lets Dog Join A Zoom Meeting, Accidentally Gives Him A New Favorite Pastime

Your business = your dog's business
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People share Zoom Horror stories, meetings, online

People Share Their Worst Zoom Horror Stories

Maybe we weren't ready for this.
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Relatable Tweet Sparks Lively Thread on the Joys of Parenting

It doesn't matter which era, country, or parallel universe you're from—raising kids is always hard. But throw a global pandemic into the mix and parenting sounds damn near impossible to someone like me who hasn't yet been blessed with the miracle of children. Twitter has always been a place for strangers to vent to each other about all the little relatable problems we humans have to deal with on a daily basis, and parenting in the midst of a plague is definitely a biggie. @thetzechun recently to
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Professor Charms The Internet After Editing Himself Into Animal Crossing For Zoom Class

The events of the past year and a half have not been an easy time to be in education. One of the main reasons for this are two little words that put the fear of god into students everywhere: distance learning. While it might be pretty sweet that you can rock up to Zoom class and start gaming with your camera switched off, it’s not exactly conducive to getting those qualifications. Not every teacher has been able to adapt smoothly to this new way of imparting their hard earned knowledge, but som…
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Funny twitter thread about a kid who cons her parents, teachers, school so that she can get out of doing classes on Zoom, Jimmy Kimmel, lol, tweets

Crafty Kid Cons Adults To Get Out Of Schoolwork

This girl is going places.
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Show Me The Baby

Funny meme about when you hear a cat during a Zoom meeting, you have to see it, i would like to see the baby, Werner Herzog, Star WArs memes, the Mandalorian, relatable, baby yoda
Via PinkPrincess007
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