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Orangutan Makes Mischief After “Rescuing” Child’s Teddy Bear

One of the most astounding things about orangutans is how intelligent they can be. Their behavior and levels of understanding outstrip many other non-human species, and they are all the more entertaining for it. Those in captivity often draw attention to themselves, whether than be through their accessory choices or by retrieving a stuffed animal dropped in their enclosure, as recently happened in Dublin Zoo. In the viral video, the ape uses a stick to retrieve the toy from a body of water and …
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Guy carries his camera around his home filming his animals getting into trouble

Guy's Hysterical Home Zoo Is Complete And Utter Chaos

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Object-label meme where a little girl running represents "everything" and a peacock chasing her represents "the Mongols"
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Caption that reads, "Hello Clarice" above a creepy pic of a seal in an aquarium
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Get Outta Here

Tweet that reads, "My favorite animals at the zoo are just the random birds walking around like they belong. Go home pigeon, this is fancy bird town"
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43 Funny Animal Memes That'll Cure All Of Your Angst

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Tweet where a boss asks an employee about 'Susanne,' the one that got away, turns out to be a zoo animal that escaped
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He's Just So Little And Fat

Text conversation between a couple where the first asks what's wrong and the second replies, "short giraffe" with a pic of a short, fat giraffe"
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Is The Opposite Called A Solid Aquarium...?

Sign that says "Liquid Zoo"
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Funny photo of a sign from a zoo that says "urine danger" regarding the pissing abilities of the animals tapirs.
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What a Quack

Animals escaped the zoo, zookeeper says tigers are top priority, cop's priority was the ducks. Funny meme.
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funny fake animal facts

A Comedian Planted Fake Animal Facts All Over the LA Zoo and They Are Hilarious

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Sky Whale Never Stood a Chance

whale zoo plane web comics - 8761593344
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He Needs to Be Rehabilitated

web comics zoo prison He Needs to Be Rehabilitated
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Just Wait Until They Start Flinging Poo

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Well I Feel Like I Should Win Something

web comics Well I Feel Like I Should Win Something
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