Extreme Laziness

lazy sad but true zombie web comics - 8082460160
Created by _Elizabeth_ ( Via Jim Benton )

Zombies Love Whiskey

whiskey zombie funny after 12 - 8060525824

Some People Are Worked Up About the Return of The Walking Dead

zombie weird - 8051730944
Created by ionblitz

Better Than Nothing

orphans zombie web comics - 8049190400
Created by Origami_Heart ( Via Channelate )

Isn't That Why Everyone Is into the Walking Dead?

Sexy Ladies apocalypse zombie funny The Walking Dead - 8033292544

He's Got Good Taste

zombie dating web comics - 8026481408
Created by fergieflo ( Via The Doghouse Diaries )


fancy funny hair zombie gifs - 8025307648

I Remember This From The Bible

bible fish gifs mindwarp jesus zombie wtf - 8017409280

Beware the Zombie Moose

scary sign road zombie moose - 8020738048

Fictional Flesh-Eating is No Match For the Internet of Zombie Things

internet zombie spam - 8009091072
Created by imaguid
norman reedus zombie The Walking Dead - 57720321

The One-Armed Guy With No Legs is Back for Another Zombie Prank. His Victim This Time? Norman Reedus.

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Just Run Faster Than Fat Old Guys

individuality run smart fast zombie funny - 7997591296

Even Zombies Like to Ring in the New Year

photobomb zombie - 7982008064
Created by Unknown

Them Are Some Fancy Shoes

funny shoes zombie wtf - 7980650496

Pretty Sure the Shark Wins This

fight funny zombie shark - 7974132480

Duck Dynasty Will Be Back... Sort of...

zombie duck dynasty - 7974303488
Created by DauntlessDS ( Via Red Bubble )