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4 Stupid Horror Tropes You Never Noticed | Your Brain On Crack

It's almost Halloween, so 'tis the season. Watch (and learn?) as “Doctor” Jordan Breeding uses Your Brain on Cracked to discuss the ubiquity of zombie strippers, google searches, old ass deer hitting cars, and head slides in horror movies.
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15 Pie Chart Memes That Are Statistically Hilarious

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The Power Of The Blue Pill

Funny meme about putting viagra in retirement home water, zombies banging quote from Walking Dead.
Via Spicy Designer Memes
Funny web comic about a cute anime style zombie with a vampire friend, she loves dessert.

Web Comics: Zomcom Shows Us The Sweeter Side of Zombies

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Funny web comic where a zombie, a werewolf and a ghost learn more about each others lives - namely that the zombie at the ghost's body.

Web Comic: Getting to Know You

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Super Mario World War Z

cosplay zombie Super Mario bros - 8582176768
Created by msausretrogamer ( Via ausretrogamer )
zombie pranks Video - 82101505

This Zombie Prank Shows That Very Few People Would Be Brave Enough to Deal With a Person Coming Back to Life

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Zombie Apocalypse Prank!

Via TrumpetSkeletonOfTheAbyss
virtual reality FAIL scared zombie video games - 80274433

Woman Lets Loose a Shrill Banshee Wail That'd Shatter Windows in Her Terrified Response to Virtual Reality Zombies

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Brain Food

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Zom-Bro's Got That Deadlift Down

Via deskwarming

The Unexplainable Destructive Capacity of a Zombie Army Is Too Real

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virtual reality scared zombie - 109062

Scared Woman's Shakier Than a Conifer Tree Caught in the Eye of a Violent Windstorm During Her Virtual Reality Zombie Game Freak Out

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Video Game Coverage lol zombie video games Video - 79607809

'Save Dan' Drops Today, and It's an Even More Ridiculous Game Than We Could've Hoped For

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dentist siblings trolling zombie Video win - 79433473

The Perfect Opportunity to Convince Your Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse is After the Dentist

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This Is the Guy You Follow Through the Zombie Apocalypse

Via slackmatic
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