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An article compiling "she's a 10, but" tweets as zodiac signs

'She's a 10 But' Memes Get the Astrology Treatment

The “she’s a 10, but…’’ meme has blown up online over the past week. It originated as a game on TikTok, where friends would ask each other how a potential romantic partners attractiveness would be affected by certain qualities. For instance one person might say, “he’s a 6, but he gets his memes from Memebase” and the other person might respond, “he’s a 10.” Since it’s rise in popularity on TikTok, the meme format has made its way to Twitter, where countless iterations of the joke have been shar…
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A Collection Of Cancer Zodiac Memes To Celebrate Those Complicated Crabs

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Boisterous Aries Season Memes To Entice Our Inner Ram

Time for a little anarchy
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The Best Zodiac Memes and Astrology Humor This Week

It's written in the stars
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Neckbeard astrology, neckbeard zodiac, i studied the blade, incels | aquarius: skinny long haired pale guy standing in the snow shirtless and raising a sword. Sagittarius: overweight kid holding a burning sword in a backyard

The Zodiac Signs As Cringey Neckbeards

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Funny tweets about the male equivalent of astrology, the society dude, joe rogan, libertarians, economics, astrology signs, zodiac signs

Tweet Spawns Hilarious Debate Over The 'Male Equivalent' Of Astrology

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Funny astrology memes, zodiac signs, horoscope memes, aquarius, pisces, aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn

Astrology Memes With Something For Every Zodiac Sign

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Astrology memes, zodiac signs as ight imma head out memes, spongebob memes

The Zodiac Signs As Described By 'Ight Imma Head Out' Memes

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The Zodiac Signs as rich and morty characters

The Zodiac Signs As Rick & Morty Characters, Because Why Not

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Dark astrology, kickstarter, amrit brar, shitty horoscopes, astrology.

12 Brutally Honest Horoscopes For People Who Prefer Their Astrology Dark

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